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CEO Message

SK On will become the Electrification Linchpin to make a cleaner and more convenient world.

We will become Global No.1 through our best batteries that
are the safest and charged the fastest and last the longest.
SK On CEO Jee Dong-seob

Dear SK On’s stakeholders, After SK On set its vision to develop batteries in 1982, we have evolved into a global No.1 company through our continuous technological evolutions,
such as the successful development of the world’s first NCM9 battery in 2019, in the last 40 years.

 SK On has produced the safest and fastest-charging batteries that last longer than any other batteries.
In order to commit to producing the best batteries in the world, SK On officially launched as an independent company in October 2021
to respond to the changing market environment quickly.

We will strengthen our expertise and global competitiveness to take the role of the Electrification Linchpin for making the world cleaner and more convenient.
With our role in mind, we will strive to become a global market-leading company.

Thank you.

SK On CEO Ji Dong-sub