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We are changing the energy paradigm of electric vehicles

“ We provide various electric vehicle batteries based on our technological expertise and manufacturing experience,
and we supply the highest quality batteries through a global battery supply network. ”

Business Overview

We provide batteries of exceptional quality to the global market based on our electric vehicle battery manufacturing experience and high-nickel technology.
By applying the strictest standards to all production and supply processes with reliable performance and safety as the most important value,
we provide various types of batteries depending on the client's needs.

제품&어플리케이션 배터리에 대한 테이블 내용입니다. 이 표는 EV(모니터만으로주행), PHEV(엔진+고출력모터), HEV 구성(엔진+모터주행)

Production & Research and Development


We own a global battery supply network centered on production bases in key markets, such as North America,
Europe, and Asia.
The local production process and supply network allow us to collect stable raw materials and efficiently produce and supply products, thereby strengthening our global production competence.
Moreover, by replicating a proven process that integrates our production experience and expertise to our new production bases, we are able to effectively expand our production capacity.


In order to provide the highest quality batteries to customers around the world, we uphold strict safety and quality management standards.
We constantly manage and improve our manufacturing performance, and are optimizing our equipment through manufacturing process automation, implementing artificial intelligence, etc.
We are continuously improving our product consistency, quality and operational efficiency through production process automation, smart factory operation, logistics automation, as well as digitalization.


In an effort to improve battery stability, performance, and efficiency, we continuously invest in R&D.
We are currently researching and developing the commercialization of next-generation batteries and lithium-ion batteries of different cell chemistries for superior battery performance in addition to improving energy density and charging speed.
We are also continuously developing technology so that our batteries can be used in various applications in addition to electric vehicles in the future.


Send us your inquiries and we will assist you as best as we can.

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