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We Power for Green
Powering a better and more sustainable future

“ We are taking leadership in the energy field
based on global partnerships and endless technical innovations. ”

Leading future energy through technical innovations

SK on has developed innovative battery technologies in line with the
growth of the electric vehicle market and changes in technological trends.
As the leader of the world's most advanced high-nickel technology,
we have successfully developed a high-energy density electric vehicle battery, have mass-produced
the NCM622 battery (2014), the NCM811 battery (2018), and plan to produce the NCM9½½ battery (2022).

We are opening up the era of electric vehicles
with global automobile companies.

We have signed supply contracts with global automobile companies that are leading
the electric vehicle era and are working with various fields to expand
the electric vehicle battery business.
We are also continuing our partnerships with prominent companies based on
cutting-edge technology and long-term reliability.

We are creating social value through technology
and products that contribute to improving the environment.

To fulfill our social responsibilities, we are making the effort
to develop battery technology that takes the environment into account.
By developing high-efficiency, high-capacity lithium-ion batteries
and supplying them to global electric vehicle companies,
we are minimizing atmospheric pollution from CO2 emissions.