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Management System to Establish SHE Activities as Corporate Culture

“ SK on is operating SHE Management Control System to practice consistent and
uniform SHE management in Global Standards. ”

SHE Management System

SK on has established SHE Management System to continuously practice Safety, Health, and Environment management in accordance with
Global Standards for domestic and overseas business sites and secure execution capabilities.
To this end, SK on has defined 13 key elements and established a development system in a virtuous circle to secure the implementation of
each management element under the leadership and improve the system through continuous inspection.

Elements of SHE Management System

The 13 key elements of the SHE management system include the details of OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and PSM criteria in compliance with both domestic and global standards.

OHSAS 18001/ISO 14001
Safety Health Policy / Environment Policy
Risk Evaluation / Environment
Regulations, Other Requirements
Goal Setting, Planning
Resources, R&R
Eligibility, Education∙Training, Awareness
Document Mgmt
Operation Mgmt
Emergency System
Performance Measuring, Monitoring
Compliance Evaluation
Accident Investigation, Correction, Prevention
Record Mgmt
Internal Inspection
Executive Review
SHE Mgmt System Key Element
SHE Management
Industrial Safety∙Health
Process∙Facility Safety
Environment Mgmt
Chemicals Mgmt
SHE Accident Mgmt
Emergency Mgmt
Change Mgmt
Partner SHE Mgmt
SHE Inspection Mgmt
SHE Education∙Training
SHE Legal Mgmt
SHE Stakeholder Comm
Process Risk Evaluation
Process Safety Info
Operating Procedure
Pre-Operation Safety Check
Safety Work Permission
Emergency Plan
Change Mgmt
Partner SHE Mgmt
Facility Maintenance
Accident Investigation
Process Safety Inspection
Elements of SHE Management System
Key Element Description
SHE Mgmt Perform management activities based on the understanding of the SHE management system and policies. Regularly measure and keep improving SHE performance to upgrade the SHE management system level.
Industrial Safety∙Health Mgmt Systematically manage hazards and risks in safety and health as well as prevent all members from suffering industrial accidents and occupational diseases to create pleasant and safe work environments.
Process∙Facility Safety Mgmt Systematically manage details that need to be considered in each stage of the process and facility design, construction, operation, maintenance and disposal to prevent human errors and secure reliability of facilities.
Environment Mgmt Evaluate and manage the environment impact of potential pollutants in advance, in compliance with environmental laws and regulations to contribute to sustainable management.
Chemicals Mgmt Eliminate in advance, chemical-related, environment and health risks in all processes - from the introduction to the use, sales and disposal of chemicals - to prevent relevant accidents.
SHE Accident Mgmt Promptly report and respond to any accident to minimize damages of the accident. Investigate the cause of the accident and establish preventive measures to avoid reoccurrence.
Emergency Mgmt Enhance emergency preparedness by setting up an emergency system and organization, to quickly respond to any safety and environment accidents and minimize human, physical and environmental damages.
Change Mgmt Conduct timely reviews of changes made in process engineering, operation conditions, facilities and chemicals that may affect safety and environment of the processes, and facilities as well as the health of the employees.
Partner SHE Mgmt Manage partner-related works such as partner registration, selection, contracts, work and evaluation to prevent them from facing SHE accidents and minimize related damages in case of such an accident.
SHE Inspection Mgmt Evaluate compliance of SHE-related laws and regulations, execution levels of SHE management system, and SHE risk elimination levels to identify necessary improvements and keep enhancing SHE performance.
SHE Education∙Training Provide systematic SHE education and training and check the effectiveness and execution levels on a regular basis to increase awareness of employees and stakeholders and their SHE capabilities.
SHE Legal Mgmt Quickly identify SHE-related laws and regulations that are newly enacted or expected to be enacted or revised, and take preemptive measures to minimize the impact of such enactments or revisions.
SHE Stakeholder Comm Understand the expectations and needs of stakeholders through communication with main stakeholders including employees, shareholders and local community members and provide correct SHE information for them.