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We support efficient and stable power usage

“ We provide stable and efficient commercial ESS
through high-quality, high-energy density NCM battery cells and battery lifespan management systems. ”

Business Overview

ESS safely stores surplus energy generated from intermittent power sources, such as wind and solar power,
and enables efficient power consumption by using stored energy when power use is at maximum load.

SK on prioritizes safety and develops commercial ESS batteries that are specialized for ESS.
We manufacture a full range of batteries for ESS application including cells, modules, racks, and provide an optimized battery management systems.


(1)셀(Cell) > (2)모듈(Module) > (3)ESS랙(Rack) ,(4)배터리 관리 시스템

Applications & Market

We provide ESS batteries and solutions for utility
and commercial/industrial applications globally.
Based on our global battery supply network established
in the United States, Europe, and China,
we plan to continue our expansion of ESS business.


Send us your inquiries and we will assist you as best as we can.

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